View from Ringstrasse on the left to the upholstery and carpentry training shops. Straight ahead is House 2Ős exercise yard and soccer field.

View from the roof of House 5 of the plant nursery and the social therapy centre

View from the main gate of the prison to the front area of the church, with the visitor centre on the right and the administration wing on the left. Behind the vehicles is the old motor vehicle workshop.

View of House 5 from the roof of House 2

View of wing of House 1 to the left and the old metalworking shop to the right.

View from the entrance of House 3 to the front of House 2 and beyond to the side of the prison church. The prison kitchen is in the new buildings on the left.

View from the plant nursery of House 2 and its exercise yard

View of the exercise yard and rear of House 5

View from the paint shop on the left to A wing of House 1. Straight ahead is a side view of the church, and to the right of it the stores of Houses 1 and 2. On the far right you can see the old metalworking shop.

View from the technical supplies centre on the left of the new motor vehicle workshop and training centre. Straight ahead are the Helmut Ziegner Foundation classrooms, and the building yard and the new metalworking shop are on the right.

SothA: Here you have a direct view of Tegel Prison sports ground and the entrance area of the social therapy centre. It also shows the upholstery and carpentry workshops from the outside.

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